Golf at Vanderbilt Country Club

Vanderbilt Inspires Pride



We take 
PRIDE in being a member of Vanderbilt Country Club and we show that pride in so many ways. It includes taking care of our facilities, respecting our employees and respecting our fellow members even if we don’t always agree. We like to share the Vanderbilt story with family, friends and the southwest Florida community.




·       Florida Communities of Excellence evaluates Clubs in a number of categories and recognizes them for outstanding achievement and Vanderbilt has been recognized statewide as either a finalist or a winner many times over during the existence of the Florida Communities of Excellence Awards (2009-2016). Watch this award winning video about VCC. 
·       Our beautiful golf course continues to receive accolades from our members as well as the many visitors, guests, and reciprocals who play here.  

·       As a community, VCC supports many charitable organizations and through many dedicated members, we give back to those in need. Through our involvement in organizations like Relay for Life, Baby Basics, Habitat for Humanity, St. Matthews House and others, we make a difference in the lives of many people.

·       Our financials (balance sheet, reserves, cash on-hand, etc.) rank as one of the best in the Club industry. Throughout its history, VCC has been one of the best financially-managed clubs in the state of Florida.

·       Vanderbilt’s modern, state-of-the-art Fitness Center features a wide variety of equipment that would rival any of the large, commercial fitness centers. A variety of classes are offered, ranging from Pilates to Yoga.  We also offer the convenience of on-site physical therapy through Solaris Rehab and a variety of massage therapy offerings.

·       Unlike many other Clubs, we have over 90 members who volunteer their time to participate in the 13 Standing Committees. These Committees represent the voice of our community to the Management Team and Board and are integral to our success as a Club.

·       The beautiful renovations completed at VCC in the last few years have been noticed by other communities, many of whom have visited and asked for help with presenting an improvement plan of their own.

Some comments from members, taken from the responses to the annual survey:


·       Vanderbilt is more than a club – it is a community with a small-town feel where everyone seems to really care about each other.

·       The sponsored events are wonderful; there is always so much to do, and there is a lot of variety to please everyone.

·       The staff does a super job in tending to all of our needs with an attitude of friendliness and a sense of camaraderie.

·       It is great to belong to a club with so many amenities at such an affordable cost.

·       I’m so proud to show off our club to my family and visitors who come in from out of town.

·       Our tagline of “warm welcomes, warm friendships” is the perfect way to describe our club. 

·       After playing golf at other reciprocal clubs, I am so impressed with our new course here at Vanderbilt. Now I know why golfers from other clubs rave about ours.

With a member satisfaction score of 4.3 on a 1-5 scale, it is no wonder that Vanderbilt Inspires Pride.